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On this page you will find pictures of ‘some we prepared earlier’, that is photos sent to us by proud owners of just some of our wonderful boys and girls. Thank you to everyone who sent photos throughout the year - new pictures will be added as/when I have the time !

Stan (B.Constantine) brown tabby & white in Edinburgh

Tiger Lily (B.Linaewen) brown tabby in Cults, Aberdeenshire

Foley (B.Seeley Booth) silver tabby & white in Glasgow

Harry (B.Hurricane) blue & white in Bromolla, Sweden

Brilthor Cougar cream tabby and ZsaZsa (B.Lochranza) brown tabby in Alford, Aberdeenshire

Katia (B.Sierra) blue silver tabby in County Durham

Eeyore (B.Edouard Lucas) blue & Tigger (B.Hans Richter) cream tabby in Udny Green, Aberdeenshire

Aslan (B.Ardbeg) red tabby & white in Nairn, Moray

Sophie (B.Hydria) black smoke & Pipsy (B. Dallas Dhu) odd-eyed white in Meigle, Perth & Kinross

Thor (B.Rocketman) cream silver tabby & white in Thurso, Caithness

Ophelia (B.Vayelle) cream silver tabby in Auchnagatt, Aberdeenshire

Fin (B. High Noon) cream silver tabby & white in Kirkcaldy, Fife

Nicky (B.Blizzard) gold-eyed white in Burnside, Glasgow

Plum (B.Pandora Plum) tortie & white & Pye (B.Pythagoras) blue tabby in Cumbuslang, Lanarkshire

Taz (B.Honani) black & white in Queensland, Australia

Tucker (B.Dewberry) silver tabby & white in Thurso, Caithness

Dexter (B.Arcangello Corelli) blue silver tabby in Balerno Edinburgh

Snagglepuss (B.Verbena) blue tortie tabby & white in Bridge of Don, Aberdeenshire

Lilly(B.Brunhild) black tabby & high white in Montrose, Angus

B.Zephyrus blue tabby & white in Edinburgh

Saffie (B.Aneta Consaut) blue smoke in Upper Steelend, Fife

Harley (B.Upala) tortie tabby & white and Sunny (B.Sundance) tortie blue silver tabby & white in Keith, Moray

Brilthor Charmeur silver tabby & white in Saint Julien Sur Bibost, France

Lagertha (B.Dorothea Dix) black smoke in Havant, Hampshire

Sam (B.Castle) silver tabby in Aberdeen

Salem Pilgrim (B.Pilgrim) black smoke in Inverness

Millie (B.Marianna Martines) blue silver tortie tabby & white in Fife

Honda (B.Lanie Parish) black in Ellon, Aberdeenshire

Brilthor Arryn tortie smoke in Rothenbuch, Germany