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About Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is a  large, muscular cat of rugged appearance, with a long body, long legs, large rounded tufted paws, small to medium tapering head with high cheekbones, large, slightly slanted eyes and large ears set high and tufted. The coat is heavy, silky to the touch, shorter on the forequarters but lengthening along the back and down the flanks, and shaggy on the belly and breeches. The tail is long with  plume-like fur. The coat is easy to groom but should be combed regularly to avoid knotting, particularly the chest and belly.

Maine Coons have the distinction of being the very first cats ever exhibited in competitive cat shows, From the early 1860’s New England farmers held an annual cat show at the Skowhegan fair where Maine Coons competed for the title of Maine State Champion Coon Cat. As cat shows became more popular Persians and Siamese took over the show scene, however in the 1950’s interest in the breed returned and a Maine Coon cat club was formed in 1953, from then on its popularity has grown and spread abroad, arriving in Britain in 1983/84.

Maine Coons make excellent house pets, being affectionate, playfull and intelligent. They are avid hunters with soft voices.

Traditionally a  tabby cat, but today almost any colour is possible, including solids, shades, smokes, bi-colours and parti-colours.

We are often asked about plants and Maine Coons, even if your pet remains indoors, which unless you have a secure outdoor environment is by far the safest and most sensible lifestyle for your companion pet, so I have compiled a list of the most common indoor/outdoor plants that could be a danger :-

Indoor Plants - Arum Lily, Castor Oil Plant, Christmas Cherry, Cyclamen, Dieffendachia, Monstera Deliciosa, Poinsettia, Spotted Dumb Cane

Outdoor Plants - Azalea, Bird of Paradise Plant, Black Nightshade, Buttercup, Clematis, Christmas Rose, Cornflower, Crown Imperial, Delphinium, Foxglove, Hydrangea, Ivy, Laburnum, Lily of the Valley, Lupin, Mistletoe, Mock Orange, Narcissus, Oleander, Pasque Flower, Philodendron, Primrose, Rhododendron, Savin, Sea Squill, Sweet Pea, Yew

If you use slug pellets chose pet/child friendly ones and obviously keep house and garden ‘chemicals’ away from your pet - having a Maine Coon is rather like having a permanent toddler !