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Maine Coon Girls 2

BRILTHOR FLORENZ ZIEGFIELD (aka Flo) is a gold tipped silver mackerel tabby & white girl born 21st March 2018 to Brilthor Miss Moneypenny (aka Penny), blue smoke and Tollykit Grendel silver mackerel tabby & white, a lively girl who never stops purring and just loves cuddles and sitting on shoulders, definitely has long lasting batteries ! Producing excellent kittens with a similar temperament.

8.17% Inbreeding Complete      18.8% Clones       Click for Pedigree

BRILTHOR RUMA GUHA (aka Rummie) is a blue tortie smoke born 3rd November 2019 to Brilthor Ailsa, tortie smoke & Brilthor Skyfall (aka Sky), blue smoke, a ‘cuddlebug’, quieter than her two chums with a calm temperament, particularly fond of her grandmother Penny & mum Ailsa.

12.4% Inbreeding Complete      17.3% Clones      Click for Pedigree

BRILTHOR JULIETTE RECAMIER (aka Jules) is a tortie born 4th December 2019 to Brilthor MissMoneypenny (aka Penny), blue smoke & Brilthor KayCee, red tabby, trouble with a capital T, full of energy and fun.

8.8% Inbreeding Complete      20% Clones      Click for Pedigree 

BRILTHOR MIMULUS (aka Mimi) & BRILTHOR PAPAVER (aka Poppy) are red tabbies born 27th May 2022 to Patramuiry Petraparrie (aka Bubbles), cream tabby & Brilthor KayCee, red tabby, inseperable and a real handfull, perhaps they’ll calm down once they’ve had kittens !

8.35% Inbreeding Complete      21.6% Clones      Click for Pedigree 

BRILTHOR GODETIA (aka GoGo) is a tortie silver tabby & white born 19th October 2022 to Brilthor Juliette Recamier (aka Jules), tortie & Tollykit Grendel, silver tabby & white, who is ’into everything’ cheeky, affectionate and very chatty.

 Inbreeding Complete 9.15%       Clones 20.3%      Click for Pedigree 


BRILTHOR THANKFUL (aka Hank) is a red smoke male born 24th November 2016, son of Brilthor Ailsa & Brilthor Skyfall (aka Sky), born with health issues, he is my disabled son Lex’ companion

BRILTHOR DESDEMONA (aka Dessi) is a blue tortie female born 16th October 2023, daughter of Brilthor Ruma Guha & Brilthor KayCee, born with health issues, so will stay with us.

BRILTHOR VONDRA (aka Bella) is a blue tortie female born 7th August 2017 , daughter of Brilthor Perdita (aka Purdy) & Brilthor Alatar Istari (aka Al), rescued with health issues which left her brain damaged.

BRILTHOR ALFRED PENNYWORTH (aka Alfred) is a black & white male born 2023, son of Brilthor Juliette Recamier & Flunkart VandeValk, born with health issues, so will stay with us, another companion for Lex.