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Maine Coon Girls 2

BRILTHOR EMILIE (aka Em) is a black & white born 27th December 2014 to Brilthor Jurra (tortie silver tabby & white) and Brilthor Skyfall (blue smoke) a calm laid back chunky girl who likes to spend time with her mother and half-sisters Pru and Ailsa just relaxing. She has the softest knot-free coat. Looking forward to seeing what her babies are like some time this year.

13.4% Inbreeding Complete   19.5% Clones

PATRAMUIRY PETRAPARRIE (aka Bubbles) is a cream mackerel tabby born 19th April 2015 to Brilthor Maddelena Casulana (tortie & white) and Patramuiry Alucard Posidion who’s obsession with bubbles resulted in her pet name. Permanently purring and very inquisitive she’s popular with all the resident cat population. A caring mother producing good sized litters of chunky kittens.

7.09% Inbreeding Complete   22.4% Clones     Click for Pedigree

FELINOCOONS TAURIEL is a silver tortie mackerel tabby and white born 17th May 2016 to Laplynx Kimono (silver mackerel tabby) and Trappistini Micheil (red silver classic tabby & white) who has settled in really well and loves all our cats, persuading each in turn to play with her, definitely has extra long powered batteries ! Produced a good, small litter in 2017, so a good start.

12.0% Inbreeding Complete   30.9% Clones      Click for Pedigree

BRILTHOR EURIDICE (aka Euri) is a blue classic tabby & white born 9th November 2017 to Brilthor Pruina (blue silver tabby & white) and Brilthor Skyfall (blue smoke) an affectionate, cheeky, lively girl who is either playing with anyone who is available, eating or fast asleep, so a fairly typical Brilthor kitten.

13.7% Inbreeding Complete   20,8% Clones


OAKENSHIELDS SHUDRA is a tortie tabby & white female born 5th October 2007

BRILTHOR JURRA is a silver tortie tabby & white female born 2nd November 2008

BRILTHOR THORONDIL (aka Thor) is a blue & white male born 11th September 2011

BRILTHOR THANKFUL (aka Hank) is a red smoke male born 24th November 2016