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Maine Coon Girls 2

PATRAMUIRY PETRAPARRIE (aka Bubbles) is a cream mackerel tabby girl born 19th April 2015 to Brilthor Maddelena Casulana, tortie & white and Patramuiry Alucard Posidion who’s obsession with bubbles resulted in her pet name. Permanently purring and very inquisitive she’s popular with all the resident cat population. A caring mother producing good sized litters of chunky kittens.

7.09% Inbreeding Complete     22.4% Clones     Click for Pedigree

FELINOCOONS TAURIEL (aka Pickle) is a tortie silver tabby & white girl born 17th May 2016 to Laplynx Kimono, silver mackerel tabby and Trappistini Micheil, red silver classic tabby & white,who has settled in really well and loves all our cats, persuading each in turn to play with her, definitely has extra long powered batteries, having one of her few naps ! Producing small, but good litters each year, with similar temperaments.

12.0% Inbreeding Complete     30.9% Clones     Click for Pedigree

BRILTHOR EURIDICE (aka Euri) is a blue classic tabby & white girl born 9th November 2017 to Brilthor Pruina, blue silver tabby & white and Brilthor Skyfall, blue smoke, an affectionate, cheeky, lively girl who is either playing with anyone who is available, eating or fast asleep, so a fairly typical Brilthor cat. Finally produced her first litter this year, chunky, lively babies, so good start.

13.7% Inbreeding Complete     20,8% Clones      Click for Pedigree

BRILTHOR FLORENZ ZIEGFIELD (aka Flo) is a silver mackerel tabby & white girl born 21st March 2018 to Brilthor Miss Moneypenny, blue smoke and Tollykit Grendel silver mackerel tabby & white, a lively girl who never stops purring and just loves cuddles and sitting on shoulders, definitely has long lasting batteries ! Producing excellent kittens with a similar temperament.

8.17% Inbreeding Complete     18.8% Clones      Click for Pedigree

Potential Breeding Queens

BRILTHOR SELENA born 5th November 2019 to Brilthor Emilie Mayer & Tollykit Grendel

BRILTHOR RUMA GUHA (aka Rommie) born 3rd November 2019 to Brilthor Ailsa & Brilthor Skyfall

BRILTHOR JULIETTE RECAMIER (aka Jules) born 4th December 2019 to Brilthor MissMoneyPenny & Brilthor KayCee


OAKENSHIELDS SHUDRA is a tortie tabby & white female born 5th October 2007 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BRILTHOR JURRA is a silver tortie tabby & white female born 2nd November 2008, daughter of Shudra & Bigfoot Eric Stormbringer

BRILTHOR THORONDIL (aka Thor) is a blue & white male born 11th September 2011, son of Jacksontails Sofia & Bigfoot Eric Stormbringer who had an eye removed at 10 weeks old after an abscess formed behind his eye

BRILTHOR THANKFUL (aka Hank) is a red smoke male born 24th November 2016, son of Ailsa & Sky,  born with health issues he is our disabled son Lex’ companion