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BRILTHOR PRUINA (aka Pru) is a blue silver mackerel tabby & white girl born 24th December 2010 from Brilthor Jurra & Pampushka Shadowfax (aka Shadow).

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BRILTHOR MISS MONEYPENNY (aka Penny) is a blue smoke girl born 18th December 2011 from Brilthor Pearly Gates (aka Pearl) & Bigfoot Eric Stormbringer (aka Storm).

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BRILTHOR AILSA is a tortie smoke girl born 5th June 2013 from Brilthor Jurra and Brilthor Alatar Istari (aka Al).

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BRILTHOR EMILIE (aka Em) was a black & white girl 27th December 2014 - 9th September 2023, daughter of Brilthor Jurra and Brilthor Skyfall.

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PATRAMUIRY PETRAPARRIE (aka Bubbles) is a cream mackerel tabby girl born 19th April 2015 to Brilthor Maddelena Casulana, tortie & white and Patramuiry Alucard Posidion who’s obsession with bubbles resulted in her pet name. Permanently purring and very inquisitive she’s popular with all the resident cat population. A caring mother producing good sized litters of chunky kittens.

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FELINOCOONS TAURIEL (aka Pickle) was a tortie silver tabby & white girl 17th May 2016 - 30th November 2023, daughter of Laplynx Kimono and Trappistini Micheil

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Brilthor Cattery would like to thank Dawn of Kittycoonz, who got us started, Pamela & Neil of Carramaaza , Gregor of Oakenshields, Pam of Pampushka, Elaine of Tollykits, Felinocoons Cattery and Marjorie of Flunkart for allowing us to care for their beautiful cats, and an extra big thank you to Pamela of Carramazza Cattery for her invaluable support in the early years since we first ‘fell in love’ with Maine Coons & to Val of Sylvamaine for allowing her gentle, loving red boy, Sylvamaine Glenmorangie to entertain some of our ladies for a while !