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BRILTHOR PRUINA (aka Pru) is a blue silver mackerel tabby & white born 24th December 2010 to Brilthor Jurra (silver tortie tabby & white) and Pampushka Shadowfax (gold-eyed white) She’s a bit of a pickle we never know what she’s going to get up to next, however she has calmed down a little after having several litters of ‘bombproof’ babies.

7.81% Inbreeding Complete   22.1% Clones   Click here for Pedigree  

BRILTHOR MISS MONEYPENNY (aka Penny) is a blue smoke, born 18th December 2011 to Brilthor Pearly Gates (gold-eyed white) and Bigfoot Eric Stormbringer (black smoke) a quietly affectionate, gentle girl just like her mum, who has proved just as good as her own mother with her litters of stunning babies.

7.25% Inbreeding Complete   15.7% Clones   Click here for Pedigree

BRILTHOR AILSA is a tortie smoke born 5th June 2013 to Brilthor Jurra (silver tortie tabby & white) and Brilthor Alatar Istari (blue smoke) a quietly affectionate girl, ‘pals’ with all cats and kittens but a little wary of human visitors, until she gets to know them. A bit of a ‘thief’, particularly anything shiny or glittery ! Another great caring mother, like her own mum.

7.33% Inbreeding Complete   15% Clones   Click here for Pedigree 

BRILTHOR PERDITA (aka Purdy) is a tortie silver tabby & white born 4th December 2013 to Brilthor Pruina (blue silver tabby & white) and Sylvamaine Glenmorangie (red tabby) a mischievious girl getting up to all sorts of tricks but so loving that you can’t get ‘mad’ with her. Very like her great grandmother Shudra, in looks and character. A relaxed modern mother !

8.50% Inbreeding Complete   22.7% Clones   Click here for Pedigree

Brilthor Cattery would like to thank Dawn of Kittycoonz, who got us started, Pamela & Neil of Carramaaza , Gregor & Joyce of Oakenshields, Pam of Pampushka and Elaine of Tollykits for allowing us to care for their beautiful cats, and an extra big thank you to Pamela of Carramazza Cattery for her continuing support over the years since we first ‘fell in love’ with Maine Coons & to Val of Sylvamaine for allowing her gentle, loving red boy, Sylvamaine Glenmorangie to entertain some of our ladies for a while !