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Below you will find details & pictures of any AVAILABLE KITTENS/CATS

KITTENS born 6th November 2019 to Brilthor Emilie Mayer & Tollykit Grendel, photos and details below

BRILTHOR EMIEL - Black Tabby & White Male -

BRILTHOR FREESIA - Black Tabby & High White Female - RESERVED

BRILTHOR RENATO - Black Tabby & White Male -

BRILTHOR SELENA - Black Tabby & White Female - RESERVED

KITTENS born 4th November 2019 to Brilthor Florenz Zeigfield & Brilthor KayCee, photos and details below

BRILTHOR ANTON - Black Smoke Male -

BRILTHOR CAROLINA - Tortie Silver Tabby Female

BRILTHOR GENA - Blue Tortie & White Female

BRILTHOR GUIDO - Black Tabby Male

BRILTHOR LUIGI - Blue Silver Tabby & White Male

BRILTHOR MIMI - Tortie Silver Tabby & White Female - RESERVED

KITTENS born 3rd November 2019 to Brilthor Ailsa & Brilthor Skyfall, photo with mum below, details and individual photos in due course.

WARNING - beware of buying so-called Pedigree kittens without papers , you have no guarantee that what you are buying is that which is claimed, they may come from registered pedigree parents, but more often than not, only one is pedigree & the kittens just look vaguely like the breed ! They will probably not have been vaccinated or health checked by a vet so you’ll have this expense for a start, if the female has got out & the litter sired by the local tom your vets bill could be considerable. Often these kittens are sold by people who have bought a registered pedigree kitten as a pet and don’t see why they can’t make some money by having a few litters, however kittens sold as pets are not always suitable for breeding, for various reasons, so you may well be buying yourself heartache and a lot of expense ! If you are keen on a particular breed, but can’t quite manage the full kitten price, have a word with some breeders, who may have adults for rehoming, a lot less expensive but you still get all the paperwork also most of the Breed Clubs run rehoming schemes, so may be worth contacting.