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Although it is true that the majority of multi-cat households have Coronavirus, this is NOT COVID 19. Humans can not catch the feline type of Coronavirus and your beloved pet can not contract Covid 19 from you should you be unlucky enough to get it. Your pet may just be the one thing that will help you to get through these unpredictable times. This explanation should have been issued by the GCCF and/or breed specific Cat Clubs, but they seem more inclined to bother about human welfare !

KITTEN born 12th January 2021 to Brilthor Emilie & Brilthor KayCee details & photos below at 1 month old.

BRILTHOR MARIKA - Tortie (Tabby) & White Female - RESERVED

WARNING - beware of buying so-called Pedigree kittens without papers , you have no guarantee that what you are buying is that which is claimed, they may come from registered pedigree parents, but more often than not, only one is pedigree & the kittens just look vaguely like the breed ! They will probably not have been vaccinated or health checked by a vet so you’ll have this expense for a start, if the female has got out & the litter sired by the local tom your vets bill could be considerable. Often these kittens are sold by people who have bought a registered pedigree kitten as a pet and don’t see why they can’t make some money by having a few litters, however kittens sold as pets are not always suitable for breeding, for various reasons, so you may well be buying yourself heartache and a lot of expense ! If you are keen on a particular breed, but can’t quite manage the full kitten price, have a word with some breeders, who may have adults for rehoming, a lot less expensive but you still get all the paperwork also most of the Breed Clubs run rehoming schemes, so may be worth contacting.