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Hi, I am Suzy Slade, for years my late husband, Ernest, and our four children, Mark, Becci, Milly and Lex shared our various homes in East Sussex with Mr.Bilbo Baggins (Egyptian Mau), who supervised the comings and goings of numerous rescued cats, Freya (Basset Hound) and Rocky (Golden Labrador).

Just before Bilbo’s seventeenth birthday in 1995 we acquired our first Maine Coon Cat, a birthday gift for my late husband, a female called Precious (Kittycoonz Yankie Doodle) and our first Bengal, a female, named Goldberry (Kittycoonz Allthat Glitters), both from Dawn Talman (breeder of ‘Mrs Norris’ in Harry Potter). These two girls were to be the foundation of our breeding cattery when we moved to Scotland in that summer and I retired to enjoy my new hobby. We are adding slowly but surely to our family, with six grandchildren now and some wonderful Maine Coons from Carramazza, Sylvamaine, Oakenshield & Tollykit catteries. We are no longer breeding Bengals.

2005 saw our move from Angus to Aberdeenshire where we have, in the garden, a granite ‘steading’ (barn) converted into ‘apartments’ for our boys and a more secure garden for our retired/neutered cats.

Our aim is to breed healthy, ‘people friendly’ kittens of good type, and so far we are achieving this goal. Although we do not Show our cats at present, a number of our kittens/cats are appearing on the showbench with considerable success. We are breeder members of the Maine Coon Cat Club

We can be contacted at any of the following:

By post at - Brilthor, 69 North Street, Aberchirder, Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 7TH

By email at - brilthor@hotmail.com 

By telephone on - 01466 780245


Part of our reason for moving in 2005, the steading that we have converted into our boys house - watch this space to see how we are getting on, a little slowly as yet due, to the cold icy weather ...... two of the runs completed now, just a few finishing touches, a bit of painting and some insulating & internally ...... some patching on the roof and completion of the new window externally ......